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A Radical Interview: PM Press

A Radical Guide goes on location, in Oakland California, to visit the radical publisher, PM Press.  We sit down with PM Press co-founder Ramsey Kanaan, PM Press Warehouse Manager, Dan Fedorenko, and Communication and Web Manager, Stephanie Pasvankias.

In the interviews, we learn how PM Press got started, how the collective is managed, and why it is important to promote radical media.  We also get an insight to how PM press grew from piles and piles of boxes in Dan’s living room to what it is today.   Dan has shared some of those photos (which you can see below) and stories from 2007 to today.

We hope you enjoy our first time on location with A Radical Guide!

Photo of Jason and Ramsey by Stephanie Pasvankias

Interview with co-founder of PM Press, Ramsey Kanaan

Interview with PM Press Warehouse Manager, Dan Fedorenko

Here is the art piece from the prisoner Dan spoke about in the video.

Interview with PM Press Communication and Web Manager, Stephanie Pasvankias

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