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Welcome to A Radical Guide.  Here you will find the best places in the world for radical books, venues, collectives and locations where people are working to change how we live and work together.

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A Radical Shop is Open

We are approaching official launch day for A Radical Guide.  As mentioned in the post, Locations, Zapatistas, Vegan Germany, and What is Next?! , we will officially launch once we get 100 listings on the map.  We have, at the time of writing this post, 63 locations from around the world.  Thank you for posting your locations!

As we ramp up to 100 listings, I have been working on updating and working out the bugs for A Radical Shop.  All the bugs have been worked out and we are open for ‘business’!  We currently offer paperbacks, hardcovers, A Radical Guide merch, and ebooks.   If you purchase an ebook, you will get an epub and mobi files with your purchase, unless it is a pdf or otherwise stated.

Take a moment to check out A Radical Shop and let me know what you think or would like to see in the shop. If you want to purchase something, that would be awesome too.

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